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  • Why choose Olympic Glass installation services?

    Olympic Glass installation services offers a rare combination a trusted brand for over 18 years, qualified industry professionals, superior product quality, and installation work in accordance with the latest industry standards. Additionally, Olympic Glass takes the extra step to take care of each and every one of our customers by supporting them long after the installation process. Our job is to ensure that you are happy through and through. We believe there is not job too big or too small for us. Most importantly, our well established network of trusted industry professionals makes us a one-stop solution for virtually all your home renovation needs. Though we primarily service Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Orangeville and Vaughn, we would be happy to come out to you as well. Contact us today to experience the difference we provide.

  • Do you specialize in custom glass installation projects?

    Over 80% of all work completed by Olympic Glass consist of custom glass installation projects. Every facility is unique therefore virtually every project is unique. Though some of the customers fall under a status quo for glass railings or glass balcony installations, majority of our customers provide us with projects that require custom glass installations. These projects range from bungalow homes to industrial facilities. Regardless of the size or complexity, we are able to supply the manpower and the expertise to bring your project to life. Learn more by contacting our qualified glass technicians today.

  • Does Olympic Glass work with glass and metal materials chosen by your customer?

    As long as you are happy with the glass and metal materials that you choose, Olympic Glass will take care of your project. We have tremendous experience in working with both new and re-used glass so you can rest assured the job will be well done regardless of the product that you provide.
    We will be happy to discuss the project with you, provide our best suggestions and get the job done right! So long that you understand that Olympic Glass will be responsible for the glass installation only, we are confident that we can take care of your needs and save you money by doing so.

  • What areas does Olympic Glass services?

    Olympic Glass primarily services glass installation projects in Oakville, Mississauga, Vaughn, Orangville – Totenham and Etobicoke, however we are not limited by these areas. Our team had frequently travelled across Canada, the states and Bahamas for custom projects requiring a unique set of expertise not offered by any other glass professionals. Regardless of where you live, give us a call or shoot us an estimate request and we will be sure to give you maximum assistance with your project.

  • Do you have professional business references?

    Olympic Glass prides itself in delivery superior quality service with the added touch of true customer support. We have personal and business references to provide upon request. Some of our references are summarized on the home page while others are hanging in forms of hand written notes, gift certificates, wine and other alcohol beverages in our office. The biggest compliment however, is great referrals that our customers provide us with daily. We appreciate you and are here for your when you need us!

  • What quality of glass do you use for glass installations?

    All glass installations offered by Olympic Glass are 10mm up to 15mm thick tempered clear glass. We use sapphire, ultra clear glass for virtually all types of projects. This is a low-iron glass which offers a rare combination of strength and high clarity. The glass generally provides a bluish tint, which indicates high quality and durability. Learn more about the material used by contacting our qualified professionals today.

  • What are the ideal homes for glass railing?

    The truth of the matter is that there is not really such a concept. We had worked with 1000 square foot homes and 300,000 square foot industrial facilities alike on glass railing installation project. Though most commonly the glass railings are used in modern and newer homes in areas such as Oakville and Mississauga, we found that this service is making a comeback in older homes. Our customers are excited to integrating a vintage home with a modern touch of glass. The bottom line is that there is an appropriate glass system to accommodate virtually any home. Learn more how we can facelift your home today by calling or sending your free estimate request.

  • What is the approximate lead time for installation of frameless shower glass?

    Most glass installation jobs with Olympic Glass can be achieved a 1-2 weeks. If there is an added element of urgency, yet the desire to get the job done right, Olympic Glass Your Can Trust! Simply let us know what time frames you are working with and let our professionals do the rest.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Olympic Glass offers payment terms depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our standard payment terms are 50% deposit at time of order confirmation. 25% at time basic installation and measurement finishes and 25% balance upon order completion. Certain payment accommodations can be made on case-by-case basis.

  • What are your satisfaction guarantees?

    Unlike other glass installation companies, Olympic glass is happy to serve you years after the initial installation. We will be there to assist you with any minor tune ups and life-time consultation advantage to keep your peace of mind for decades to come. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to serve your glass maintenance needs within the allotted schedule reason.

  • Do you offer glass cubicle installations for an office?

    Office installations are the pride and job of Olympic Glass’ work portfolio. We had helped build full wall and half wall cubicles alike in major office buildings, hotels and even residential properties. Our precision of work and the added value of sophistication and aesthetic finesse that clear glass offers makes us the leader in office installations in the Oakville and Etobicoke areas. Learn more of how you can enhance your office look by contact us today.

  • What types of wine cellars are most cost effective for a 2000 square foot home?

    Wine cellars are gaining popularity in the Oakville, Mississauga and Vaughn areas. The fact of the matter is that regardless of the size of your home or the budget, Olympic Glass will be happy to accommodate you. Our experienced glass installation professionals will confirm your vision, estimate the cost and supply with you optimal solutions to meet your needs. Learn more today by contact us.