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  • Glass Railings Installations

    Olympic Glass provides the full scope of indoor and outdoor glass railing installations for residential and commercial facilities.  The combination of superior glass quality and installation techniques delivered by industry professionals of over 18 years will empower you with the confidence.  The ease of selection will do the rest.

    Benefits of Glass Railings

    The use of glass railings has been the developing modern trend that is here to stay.  The benefits of glass railings, by far, outweigh the investments.  For starters, glass is a durable and long lasting material.  Unlike other materials, glass does not get affected by distortions or discoloration.  The added value is that glass allows the natural light to pass through, creating a rich visual experience.  The simplicity of maintenance and cleaning is yet another attractive benefit that glass offers.  It does not take much to make the railings look brand new, even decades after the installation.

    Moreover, the glass used for railing is certified in accordance with the latest industry standards.  We understand the importance of safety and the peace of mind it offers our customers. Rest assured that our professionals will guide your with the optimal recommendations to ensure your family and employee safety.  This means that every installed glass railing is 100% occupancy approved. You will not need to worry about occupancy inspection after our installation.

    All glass railings offered by Olympic Glass are hand-selected by "quality-first" practices.  This means safety and durability are the guiding factors for all of your glass railing installations.  As a result of this approach satisfaction has been delivered to hundreds of customers around the Canadian, North American and global markets.  The glass railing, both indoor and outdoor, are made with tempered glass that is subjected to a special quality control processes which strengthen the structural integrity of the material.  One can rest assured that the quality of glass can cope with any harsh weather thrown its way. 

    With glass installation services offered across major cities Oakville, Vaughn, Mississauga, Orangeville, and Etobicoke we are sure to come out to where you need us to in order to get the job done right.  Contact us today to learn more. 

  • Glass Staircase Installations

    The value of the staircase glass railings is an enhanced aesthetic appearance of any residential or commercial facility.  Under masterful installation by qualified professionals, your facility will transform before your eyes into a modern chic. 

    Olympic Glass meets industries safety code requirements for both residential and commercial amenities.  The designated project experts will ensure the correct measurements for your work area for straight, curved or even irregular shaped stairwells using our latest in area measuring technologies.  The superior accuracy of the calculations will ensure economical results, eliminating wasteful material, thereby saving you more. 

    No stair glass railing is alike.  With thousands of variations, the uniting factor is that all staircases are built subject to specific industry safety codes. Our job is to follow such regulations meticulously while maintaining the superior aesthetic integrity that you so love.  When approaching any project, we are determined to remove all risks by increasing structural soundness.  

    Olympic Glass works with all sizes and shapes of staircases.  We will take on projects as small as a single flight of stairs and as large as modern high-rise office buildings.  We thrive to impress by accommodating any space requirements that you may have. 

    The more popular staircases include the straight design.  These projects are exactly as they sound. Straight lines extend from one floor to the next.  L-shape or U-shape options are available with this design.

    The spiral design is the preferred option for compact places.  They are spiraling sets of stairs, usually around a sturdy center pole, that extend from one floor to the other.  This design gives a fresh and stylish look even for the smallest of facilities. 

    Another popular staircase option is the elliptical design. These are the types of staircases that are built adjacent to the corresponding wall.  They are often made up of a number of radii relative to the curvature of the walls.  This elegant option adds a rich look to virtually any space. 

    Above and beyond the classics, Olympic Glass can accommodate your custom staircase projects in accordance to your desired specifications and styles. 

    Though Olympic Glass does not specialize in the stair aspect of the installation.  Our partnership associations, consisting of the industry leading reputable stair case installation companies. 

    You can count on our trained professionals to accommodate any glass railing staircase project that you have planned.  We are proud to serve as your go-to provider in the local and international markets.  Contact us for more information and to receive your free no-obligation estimate today. 

  • Glass Pool Fencing Installations

    Olympics Glass has a strong market presence when it comes to pool fences and glass railing systems.  The combination of high quality, superior durability, aesthetic appearance and safety standards place us at the forefront of the industry with satisfied property owners across Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Vaughn, Orangeville and more.

    The virtue of glass fences is the combination of safety and elegance providing a transparent view for your pool area.  The stylish look serves more than simple beauty in the eyes of the beholder.  Your home value will increase as a result of this investment. 

    Olympic Glass serves everyone.  We offer glass pool fencing for residential, commercial and industrial projects of types and sizes.  You can rest assured that you family and employee safety is top of mind when installing the state-of-the-art fencing in accordance with current safety codes.  This solution provides climb-resistance with a clear view allowing to keep an eye on your children.  The accommodate gates are equipped with latches and hinges that self-close.   

    Custom projects are the Olympic Glass’ hallmark.  By simply sharing your vision, our skilled team of professionals will bring it to fruition right in front of your eyes.  Examples of custom glass fence pooling options include curved and zigzag projects.  You can count that upon completion your property will evolve into a modern masterpiece.  The combination of light flow and graceful design will create a seamless flow from your indoor to the outdoor space exposing the pool for your viewing pleasure. 

    The optimal material used for such projects is a combination of ½" tempered safety glass and carbon marine grade steel.  The materials used for the project are corrosion resistant therefore can be installed around pool water, mineral water and ocean water alike.  The extensive focus of delivering on the best quality products and installation service for our customers allows you to enjoy the glass pool fence for a lifetime. 

    As with all of our projects, our team of qualified, highly effective industry professionals will deliver you results within your budget, time frames and specific needs.  We pride ourselves on working harder than our competition to achieve your ultimate long-term satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your project to life today. 

  • Glass Deck and Porch Fencing

    Glass deck and porch fencing is the modern trend bringing an elite look to any property.  It gives the unique advantage of maintaining a clear view, while providing safety to your loved ones.  The railings are built with tempered glass, stainless steel and aluminum.  This offers a rich synergetic look and the value of longevity offered by the material.  This visual appeal and durability offered by stainless steel and glass balusters are unparalleled in the marketplace, even relative to cable deck rails.

    Among others, the list of advantages of such system include the visual appeal, unobstructed views, design versatility, safety created by a solid structure around the perimeter of your deck, and life-long durability.  Ask us how we can help by contacting Olympic Glass today.

  • Glass Balcony Installations

    Choosing your glass balconies options with Olympic Glass has never been easier.  We are pleased to offer you supply-only and full supply with installation options depending on your specific requirements.  We carry virtually all models including Sing-sided, 2-sided, 3-sided, 4-sided, 5-side, and curved.  

    Glass Types for Glass Balconies

    The standard size glass balustrades are 10mm, 12mm and 15mm (optional) thick tempered glass.  Various tint options are available by request

    What Make Glass Balconies a Hot Seller?

    Reasonable price is always at top of the list when it comes to glass balcony installations.  The variety of quality and safety materials used for this service allow for cost flexibility.  Additionally, the balconies are maintenance free, easy to fit, have minimal posts requirements, have no glass clamps and have no corner posts. 

    Glass balconies are among the strongest and best tested systems in the marketplace.   This gives them a proven safety track record which in turn creates a peace of mind for you and your family.  

  • Frameless Shower Installations

    Olympic Glass is swiftly earning the title of Canadian leader in frameless and frame glass shower doors and enclosures.  We offer virtually all times of types of glass including NEO Angle Enclosures, 90 Degree Shower Enclosures, In-Line Shower Enclosures, Sliding Shower Doors, and more.

    The frameless shower enclosures add a modern sleek look to any bathroom and en-suite.  The seamless transition offered by the 10mm or 12mm thick glass will enhance the look and feel of your shower section.  Combined with the state-of-the-art structural integrity components, unparalleled product durability and industry standard approved installation techniques, Olympic Glass delivers the ultimate in glass shower services.

    We are capable of accommodating any size and style enclosures. Numerous choices are available to ensure the selection for your optimal solution.  Customization of the style and the comfort level gives you more freedom to choose exactly what it is that you are looking for.  In efforts to make your selection a smooth one, you can rely on our team of qualified glass professionals will help you every step of the way.  We are sure to guide you based on your specific needs and wants.  You can expect nothing less.   

    The after service and support on the installation is for the lifetime of the equipment.  Olympic Glass is determined to provide you with comfort before and after the installation.  This translates to you receiving the highest quality of craftsmanship, structural safety and aesthetic appearance.   Ask us how we can help transform your shower today. 

  • Commercial Door Entrance Installations

    Contrary to the popular believe there is an art associated with installing commercial glass doors.  The superior craftsmanship offered by Olympic Glass will supply you with our "professional artists" that will bring your vivid imagination to fruition.  No matter the size or design, we will be able to accommodate any project, ensuring a functionality, safety and visual appeal. 

    Glass Door Types

    Glass doors are the first thing your neighbours and customers see when they walk by your property.  The elite look of such doors leaves a lingering feeling of sophistication and class. The beautiful thing is that it does not take much to maintain the look of your glass doors whether at home or in the place of business.  Offering the latest in design, technology and high quality tempered glass, Olympic Glass brings the peace of mind that you deserve.  Additionally, the door systems can be installed with automatic mechanisms for easy open and close functionality. 

    Glass Door Replacements

    Glass doors are surprisingly easy to maintain, however the fragile nature of glass is virtually unavoidable.  At times, a minor accident, a hit or a bump may cause a fracture or a crack to the glass door.  In cases of cracks, the glass doors should be dealt with immediately in efforts to avoid the issue spreading.  In the event that the crack has spread beyond control, don’t be discouraged.  Olympic Glass is here to take care of your sorrows by offering a replacement or an upgrade to a tougher material.  

    Glass Door Maintenance

    The TLC cliché applies to more than just mechanical objects and people, it also applies to your glass doors.  Being the centerpiece of your property and the main point of contact for virtually all of your guests, taking care of your doors is an important part of prolonging its longevity.  Life-time support is offered on all glass door products provided by Olympic Glass.  Simply give us a call and our technicians will be there to give the TLC your glass door deserves. 

    Glass Door Installations

    Our job is to help you organize the project from the begging to end.  We will offer our expert suggestions on design to accommodate your specific budgetary requirements.  We will provide the full scope of physical services and all the after-sale support you need to ensure your long-term project happiness. Make your home, office building, condominium complex, or even luxury golf course the talk of the town by adding commercial glass doors. Contact us to learn how we can help your next project.  

  • Glass Wall Installations

    If you are looking to transform your home or place of business, glass walls could may be the right solution for you.  Olympic Glass offers both the quality products and the installation required to assist you with such a project.  Whether it is an exterior or an interior glass wall, we got you covered.  These types of walls make a unique and classy division for your office space, industrial or residential needs.  We offer 10mm or 12mm tempered safety class solutions to provide your facility with the latest in safety and quality standards. 

    Customer projects are second nature for Olympic Glass.  We have the necessary experience of handling the simplest to the most complex projects on the market to cover any area.  Small or large, single panel or full floor enclosures are no problem.  You may transform your office cubicle to an all-glass marvel, or your office to a sharp interviewing facility aligned with the latest in HR requirements; enclose the entire floor and much more.  

    Privacy glass walls are popular among industrial, commercial and residential facilities and can be done to your ideal specifications.  The glass walls leave an immediate and a lasting impression on all those who see them.  The added benefit of easy maintenance makes them a no-brainer investment.  Contact us today to learn more and to receive your no obligation consultation.

  • Glass Mirror Installations

    Olympic Glass is proud to offer all types of mirror installation services.  We offer the highest European engineered quality products to accommodate even the most sophisticated taste.  The mirrors can be ordered in virtually all sizes, shapes, and styles.  Virtually any thickness, width and length and any design are at your disposal.  Beveled, machine polished or custom solutions mirrors are also available. 

    Simply let us know the coverage area and your desired style and let our professionals as well as German and Belgium engineering glass impress you.  Give us a call to learn more. 

  • Glass Backsplash Installations

    Glass Backsplash is a category including glass tiles and mosaic tiles which have been dominating the marketing by their popularity in the last decade or so.  The value offered by mosaic tiles is the rich and diverse colours that can add character and personally to any wall.  They mesh will with other various mosaic tiles to create beautiful colour combinations in your home and office. 

    We offer paint back glass, oven prepared arc back splash, and more.  We have you covered for vintage, modern and even renaissance style backsplash. We offer the added value of LED light options which will accentuate your new beautiful backsplash, making it the subtle centerpiece of any space.    

    The professionals at Olympic Glass offer a wide choice range of glass backsplashes to meet your artistic cravings.  Once you select the style and guide us to the installation area, leave it to us to transform your area into a striking visual masterpiece right before your eyes.  Above all, our specialists follow the most effective and efficient installation techniques ensuring maximum longevity.  Contact us today to learn more.

  • Glass Countertop Installations

    Adding a glass countertop to your kitchen or bar area has been the recent approach associated with modern, high-end living space.  Such installations are no piece of cake due to the fragile nature of even the thickest glass and should be performed at the hands of skilled specialists. 
    Luckily, Olympic Glass has all the experience you need to help install any shape, size or style of glass countertop and still manage to meet your budget.  We will save you the time, the headache and most importantly provide you with the truly unique visual appearance that will be the envy of the town.   By so doing we will add to the overall beauty of your home and the of course your property’s value. 

    We offer all available thickness ranges and various finishes including smooth, glossy, embedded, frosted, and custom oven prepared options.  You will have the choice of adding colours to your desired textures.  You will also be able to add tempered glass for extra strength. The latest modern countertops include the options of LED lighting installed inside your glass countertops for heightened prominence of your living space. We look forward to your communication to best meet your needs.
  • Glass Wine Cellar Installations

    A unique solution for wine collectors, wine connoisseurs and all those interested in storing the favourite bottles in class.   Olympic Glass is happy to offer wine cellar installation services for your home, restaurant or other place of business.  We are qualified to meet your custom project requirements in virtually any given space.  Our team of professionals is happy to assist you with valuable advice in efforts to create maximum value for minimum cost. 
    Now you can store your wine the way it was meant to be stored, allowing each vintage to reach its true potential.  You can organize your collection to your taste for ease of access and use for the "right" occasions.  Experimenting with aging process will no longer be an issue.  Most importantly, not only will you benefit from the aesthetic appearance and elegant wine cellar will add to your home, but you will also increase your property value with the investment.
    Learn more about how you can add a beautiful wine cellar to your facility today by contacting the Olympic Glass team.